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Publié le 29 Avril 2011

Hey guys! 

My bedside-reading those days is Poe's Short Stories illustrated by Benjamin Lacombe, an illustrator I find AMAZING. I tried to copy his style as en exercise here. Ok, I said "tried"!  

When our teacher told us we could work on whatever subject we wanted, I told myself 'what the h*ll, let's be... crazy!' 

So I came up with Flo's story. First I would like to reassure you guys, I have nothing against kids! 

Here's the story of Little Flo and his ghost. Détail

There's a boy named Little Flo. A solitary boy who can't go out without a balloon; a very scary balloon on which he drew a skull. His classmates see him walking and talking to his balloon like it's a human being and think "what a weirdoe"! And indeed his behavior is quite strange. Nobody likes Little Flo. 

One day, Pat, the natiest boy of the school decides to burst Little Flo's balloon. For no reason at all, you know, just to be mean, because hey, that's who he is! But what he doesn't know, is that Flo's balloon holds a spirit... A very nasty ghost whose only goal is to possess human bodies to exist... 

It's a disaster! Little Flo is horrified! As soon as the balloon falls down on the ground, the spirit is freed. It goes up in the sky, sinigng and rejoicing... He's looking for a new host to possess! "Liitle Flo, Little FLo, Who is it going to be? This one or that one?" The children around Flo don't understand his shouts, they think "that's it! He's lost it!" but they don't move.

So to save those poor classmates of his from being taken hostage by the nasty nasty nasty ghost, Little Flo picks up little stones on the ground and throw them at the children. And one by one, after hearing the nasty ghost's threats, he kills them. The last one standing is Pat... "So, Little Little FLo, will you, will you, save this one?"

Hehehe! Here are the pages! 




Enjoy!!! :D




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Marfi 29/04/2011 18:30

Elle est trop cool cette bédé ! surtout bien encadrée ;)

QueenD. 30/04/2011 00:46

Merci miss!!  Et vive les histoires macabres de Poe!